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3232 NW 65th St, Oklahoma City, OK  73116          405-767-3000

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Vana Baker,
Superintendent and Principal
One of the greatest blessings I have ever received has been the opportunity to join the creation of Independence Charter Middle School. This truly has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. The faculty, staff, Board, parents, and especially the students, have made this a great place to be and "A Great Place for a Great Education!"

Contact Information
Phone:  767-3000
Fax:  767-3007
Cafeteria:  767-3037

Important Information...

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PowerSchool mLearning GUides for Parents 


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  "Land's End" Uniform Program
Click below to see the 2014 8th Grade Graduation Slideshow:


8th Grade Graduation 2013 Slideshow

                                   Upcoming Dates
     August 19 Enrollment 8:00 - 12:00
     August 21 Classes Begin - 7:45 a.m.

     2014 2015 ICMS Calendar rev Jun 17.pdf
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 Information for Incoming Students

               6th Grade Supply List.doc
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               7th Grade Supply List.doc
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               8th Grade Supply List.doc
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      From Mrs. Yen (6th Grade Language Arts):
          letter from Mrs Yen.pdf
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          Common Roots.pdf
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          Common Prefixes.pdf
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          Common Suffixes.pdf
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          Elements of Lit Review Sheet.pdf
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          Genres of Literature Review Sheet.pdf
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          Figurative Language Review Sheet.pdf
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      From Mrs. Rumbaugh (6th Grade Math):
               letter from Mrs Rumbaugh.pdf
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               Flipped Classroom.doc
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          Revised Handbook June 2013.docx
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          Revised Uniform Guidelines June 2013.docx
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         Student Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
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