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Public Comments


The governance board believes that it is important to provide an opportunity for the public to have open communication with the board. The board meeting agenda may provide time for members of the public, subject to the limitations herein, to make comments during business meetings.

Persons wanting to speak at a governance board meeting shall be required to complete and deliver to HICD’s office a Public Comments Sign-up Form prior to 4:30 p.m. on the day of that board meeting. These forms are available on each school’s website and in each school’s office. This is the only time that forms may be submitted to request to make public comments at board meetings. Any requests that are submitted after the deadline will be denied. Public requests that are not related/designated to a specific agenda item will be denied.

Any person who is a resident of HICD, an employee or an official representative of a recognized organization or group of the Oklahoma City Public School District, a parent or guardian of an HICD student, or student of HICD may address the Board.

Each speaker shall be limited to three (3) minutes regardless of the number of topics. Where a recognized group or organization wishes to speak, only one (1) person shall be selected to speak on behalf of the group or organization. No person shall be permitted to speak more than once during any meeting, and speakers cannot assign or yield their time, or any portion of their time, to another speaker.

Comments regarding the following subjects will not be permitted during Public Comments: (1) comments not related to a specific agenda item; (2) an issue in a pending lawsuit, complaint or investigation filed in a court or with an outside agency, wherein the district or one of its schools, employee(s), or board members is a party; (3) a pending grievance; (4) a complaint against an individual employee(s); (5) a pending complaint filed with the district; (6) an employee disciplinary action, suspension, or termination; (7) a student suspension or appeal which may ultimately reach the board; (8) any matter involving a student which is protected by state or federal privacy laws; (9) a solicitation for business, whether or not the speaker is seeking to have the district purchase a product or service; (10) disparaging comments about any individual; and (11) comments by an individual who has publicly announced or filed as a candidate for public office, which pertain to his/her candidacy.

The public comments portion of the meeting is not for the purpose of discussion, debate, or questions and answers between the speaker and the board, administration, or any member thereof. Board members are not permitted to respond to speakers’ comments.

Any questions a speaker wishes to have answered must be presented to the board in written form and will be responded to, in writing, by the superintendent or board president as soon after the meeting as is practical.

Decorum will be observed at every meeting, including during the public comment portion.

Solicitation for business and announcements of events, whether personal or business, are not appropriate during the public comments portion of the meeting and will not be permitted.

The board President may interrupt and terminate any presentation that violates any of the above-mentioned criteria.


The following will be HICD’s policy regarding public comments, which may be provided at the discretion of the board when board meetings are being conducted virtually. Speakers are responsible for ensuring that they have the resources and capabilities available to participate in any public comments part of an agenda and that the board receives their request submission by the deadline of 5:00 p.m. previously noted in this section. The same rules, limitations, and criteria apply to public comments made during a virtual board meeting as apply during an in-person board meeting and are incorporated herein.

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