Team Photo from 2016-2017


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018-2019 Pom Squad

Sponsor:  Courtney Wiley

Alondra Hernandez         Khloe Blassengill 

Amahri Goggins               Kimberly Farrell
Bailee Yarbrough            Morgan Rafter
Callie Smith                    Nora Schwartz
Constance Stanfa          Ta'Kyra White
Dulce Ramirez               Trinity Hunter
Evelyn Clark                  Tyreeya Braxton


​*There will be a mandatory team fitting at 4:45 on May 15 in the gym followed by a mandatory parent meeting at 5:45 in the gym. Parents must be there.* 

​Team Photo from 2017-2018

Independence Charter Middle School

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