Independence Charter Middle School

3232 NW 65th St, Oklahoma City, OK  73116   Phone:  767-3000    Fax:  767-3007     Cafeteria:  607-3652     School Day:  7:45 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Travis Adams -8th Grade Spanish

DeShawn McCrary - 7th Grade Math

Larry Stringer - Health/Physical Education

Jennifer Adams - Art

Katherine Marshall - 7th Grade Science

Mike Austin - 8th Grade United States History

Nancy Stinson

Office Administrator

Lana Nowicki - Cafeteria Manager  607-3652

Jill Rumbaugh


Courtney Wiley - 6th Grade Geography, VB Coach

Amy Gresham

Office Assistant

Celia Yen - 6th Grade Language Arts


Sarah Benham - 7th Grade Language Arts

Becky Kime

Business Manager

Christine Carllson - 8th Grade Language Arts

Jami West

​Interventionist/Dean of Students

Dylan Nagode - Music

Sherry Bouchereau - 8th Grade Science

Bee Smith -Technology​

Kathy Moseley - 6th & 7th Grade Literacy

Sam Kearney - 7th Grade World Geography

Jonathan Marshall - 8th Grade Math

Susan Linderer

Registrar/Counselor/WenGage Administrator

Ashley Martinez - 6th Grade Math

Sharon Odom - Math

Dustin Keesee - 6th Grade Science

​Mario Vaughn - Language Arts

Pablo Flores - Custodian