In order to achieve the mission to prepare students to be successful in an academically challenging high school, ICMS strives to provide rigorous classes that engage learners in a safe environment. ICMS is proud to offer honors classes for all grade levels in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Additionally, Spanish I, Algebra, and Geometry classes are offered for high school credit in the 8th grade. 

To meet the needs of all students, ICMS provides co-taught classes in all grade levels for Mathematics and Language Arts, and an intervention class called FOCUS.  This class is designed specifically to assist students who need extra support to gain success in meeting grade level standards. 6th and 7th graders at ICMS also have the opportunity to enroll in AVID, a world-wide elective class focused on developing academically "in the middle" students into leaders prepared for colleges and careers. 

Along with our academically challenging core classes, students can also enroll in Literacy, Character Education, Visual Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education classes throughout the year. Students at ICMS are 1:1 with Chromebooks. The ICMS grading policy considers a passing grade to be a C (70%) or above.